Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sheena and Scott's Wedding Cake

I had the great pleasure of being my friend Sheena's maid of honour this summer. She had a beautiful outdoor wedding at her parents house in the picturesque countryside where she grew up. Her father had renovated their shed to host the reception. It was truly breath-taking to see the transformation of the space.

I made her wedding cake and used her cobalt blue theme with a ribbon at the bottom. The white roses are made of fondant. The small flowers have a silver sugar bead in the middle. The cake was a chocolate sponge with a strawberry filling.The wedding was such a wonderful celebration. I know we will treasure the memories forever.

Congratulations Sheena and Scott!

*Photo credits to David Goodfellow Photography

1 comment:

Rav said...

You made a beautiful "Best Maid"!

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