Saturday, December 19, 2009

Baking for a Bachelorette

Geetanjali, one of my sister's close friends got married last year. I made her a cake and some cupcakes for her flower themed bachelorette party.

I put some cute elephants on top of the cake because in my culture elephants are like good luck. People pray to the elephant god, Ganesha, who removes obstacles before you start a new endeavour.

It was a vanilla cake with a mango mousse filling which I made with whipping cream and mango pulp.

Congrats Geeta and Kartik on your first anniversary!


Anonymous said...
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Indhu said...

your cakes look fantastic... lovely pictures!

will try Martha Stewart biscotti the next time :)

Adonia said...

looks and sounds amazing... the mango whipped filling with vanilla sounds heavenly...and the decorations are also very meaningful... when can i order one???

training08 said...

what a terrific baker & decorator you are savithri! I;ve been searching for simple cupcake recipes for my boys(25 of them), not my own :) I volunteer teach them & many of them come hungry to class. Look forward to more amazing & simple recipes for me to follow along! charu

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