Monday, November 19, 2007

Wedding Gift Box Cake!

I am taking Cake decorating course 3 right now which teaches how to use fondant and make wedding cakes! Our first cake was this beautiful gift box. The 3D ribbon adds a point of visual interest to the cake. The smooth texture of the fondant adds a very professional look to the cake as well. I bought Wilton fondant from the store. It has the texture of playdough when you have kneaded it to a workable consistency. The flowers were cut out with cookie cutters that came in the course package. The cake was chocolate with a strawberry filling!

My friend Priya had her civil ceremony yesterday so Subha and I went over to see her. Congratulations Priya and Arun! Looking forward to the Hindu wedding. Hopefully I will have mastered the tiered cake by then:)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Berry Birthday Cake!

I decorated a cake for Dinaz' birthday last month and brought it to work. A group of us went to her cubicle and surprised her with a cake and a rendition of Happy Birthday! She was definitely shocked.

Maileen helped me with the assembly of the raspberries and blackberries. I think it looks simple but elegant.

I had an idea to try to have some chocolate sauce on the side but it didn't work out (it got burnt in the microwave). I'll have to try it for a party I have at home.

Fruit is a wonderful way to decorate a cake and bring in some fresh flavours. Use whatever is in season and I guarantee it will be a hit. Try it on your next cake!

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