Monday, July 30, 2007

Chicago Hotspots!

Some of the highlights of my Chicago trip were the food, the entertainment and the company. I had delicious guacamole at the Adobo Grill. It was made right in front of me and to my taste. The lady asked if I wanted it spicy or mild- I chose spicy of course!

Chicago is a beautiful city with an interesting history. There was a fire in 1871 so when they rebuilt the city it became a hub for architectural innovation. Behind me in the pic below is the famous Sears tower which is the tallest building in the US!

Chicago is also famous for the blues. I went to Kingston Mines which is a famous blues club. I saw Duke Tumatoe (who kinda looks like Santa) and Lindsey Alexander perform. They were both good. Lindsey gets very involved with the audience and incorporates them into his performance which is fun to watch!

Another great place I saw was the Signature Lounge on the 96th floor of the John Hancock Centre. It had an amazing view of the city. We went with some of Shankar's friends from class and Susmita who is a friend of mine and Kanch. We had the Three Cheese Pimiento Dip with tomato herb focaccia and the Artisan cheese platter. The dip was awesome:)

I had a great time in Chicago! I think shopping on the magnificent mile was my favourite part:) I'll have to go back to explore the city some more!

4 comments: said...

That weekend rocked. Glad we went together.

Love Akka said...

Oh yeah, nice write up!

Ashwini said...

I lived in Chicago for a while and loved it... its got a great jazz/ blues scene and arty as well.
Brutal winters though

Anonymous said...

I like your red dress.


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