Thursday, June 14, 2007

Pretty in Pink Birthday Cake

It was my manager's birthday so I decided to decorate a cake and bring it to work. I cheated a little and bought the perfectly rounded sponge cakes from Longo's as the layers. It is so handy and it is a great time saver. I have found that it really reduces the crumb control issues as well because the cake is well made. I got the vanilla sponge cake and poured melted chocolate in the middle layer. I used Cote D'Or Orange Noir which is a dark chocolate with orange flavour and candied orange zest in it which gives a surprising crunchy texture and mouth feel.

The dots were made with colour flow and the roses were made from royal icing. It turned out quite nicely. Everyone enjoyed it. Rav and I went to the Kraft Kitchens and borrowed a lovely cake stand to enhance the presentation of the pictures we took.

Here are the best shots!

2 comments: said...

Beautiful pictures Rav! And Savithri, very creative with the orange chocolate.

priar's, said...

Hi savithri,
first time in ur blog,Great cake roses look so natural.
Good job!!!

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