Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Macarons from Paris

One of the most delicious desserts I ate in Paris was macarons. They are not like the little coconut treats you get here. They are little bites of pure heaven with chantilly (whipped cream) or ganache in the middle. The flavours are endless, vanilla, chocolate, pistache (pistachio), strawberry, caramel and so many more. They look and taste amazing. I found out they are meringue cookies which surprised me because I didn't think it would have been so flavourful.

The little boulangerie patisserie beside the hotel Maileen and I stayed in was our morning breakfast haunt. Every morning we indulged in a new treat. Our staples were croissant aux beurre, pain au chocolate and this mini baguette/bread stick thing called a tradition. I liked the ones with poivrons (mixed peppers). We tried the macarons here on our last morning. I was kicking myself because I should have eaten them everyday! They were .40 euros at our little local bakery, the fancy chains like Laduree, Fauchon and Dalloyau were a lot more expensive. Will post about them later.

I really miss our bakery. We bonded with the people who owned the boulangerie and on our last day the boulanger (baker) showed us his photo album of cakes and desserts he had made!

There were so many delicious treats we sampled. The strawberry tarts were delicious! I think the boulangerie is one of the top three things I miss about Paris. I hope Mai moves there so I can go visit her!

3 comments: said...

You should have brought some back for me!!!!


Priya said...

Those look sure seem to have had a wonderful time in Paris.
And hey, I finally tried making Dulce de leche with the condensed milk. Used an oven and it was done in abt 45mins. Continued to make ice cream with it too. Have been wanting to leave a message since I wrote the post but kept forgetting :) Here it is

amma said...

I loved the delicious, light, buttery and flaky bread stick- baguette you brought back! It was such a nice treat to wake up to. Thank you for thinking of us while enjoying the delicacies in Paris.

I love the pashmina and will definitely use it a lot next year!amma

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