Monday, June 25, 2007

La Maison du Chocolat

One of the most delicious shops Maileen and I went to in Paris was La Maison du Chocolat (the house of chocolate!). It was so wonderful! It was highly recommended by our guide books and I had even seen it in InStyle.

We indulged with some glace chocolat (chocolate ice cream) and sampled some of their wonderful chocolate creations. One of the more exotic chocolates was called the Maiko and was infused with fresh grated ginger. It was not the typical flavour I'm used to from chocolate but delicious none the less.

Some other delectable flavours I tried were:
Rigaletto Noir: Caramelised mousse with a dark chocolate coating,
Figaro Noir: Hazelnut and almond praline wrapped in dark chocolate
Jolika: pistachio infused almond paste.

Mmmmmm. I will have to go back one day and try all of the different flavours!
I got a sampler for Shankar to try. I think he and Kanchana enjoyed the little taste of Paris I brought back for them. For chocolate lovers, this shop would be paradise!


Anonymous said...

If eating chocolates in Paris makes one have such super sparkling eyes and features- I will definitely join you in extolling Parisian flavour taste! sounds like a wonderful time. You both look so lovely in the pictures. your fan. said...


The chocolates were AMAZING. Not only did Shankar and I sample them, but we took them and shared with my brother-in-law's family in DC. The biggest fan -- Sandhya!!!
When asked if she liked the chocolates, she immediately responded "Yaa, are there anymore?".

So cute. Thanks a lot sweetie! You are so thoughtful.

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