Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Bike Ride for Heart

On Sunday Renu and I participated in the Bike Ride for Heart fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke foundation. The city closes down the Gardiner Expressway and the Don Valley Parkway (the main city highways) and over 12,000 cyclists ride on it.

We started training the week before by riding up one of the main streets up to Bronte Creek Camp grounds. This was about 30km so we thought we were in good shape. We decided to aim high and go for the 50km route. We were in for quite the ride. It was so challenging and had so many steep hills! There was even a moment I thought I couldn't make one of the hills. But we persevered and made it! It was a huge acheivement and we were so proud of ourselves. I'm not sure if we will do it again though!

I brought in some cupcakes to work on Friday and asked some of my co-workers to sponsor me. They were so supportive and generous I raised over $150! I put little hearts on the cupcakes to represent the bike ride for heart.

I guess you never know how much you can achieve until you put yourself outside you comfort zone! I don't think I could have done it without Renu though because she helped motivate me when I was down. I recommend bike riding with a friend. It's a great way to exercise and enjoy the nice summer weather! If you are very ambitious, there is a 75km route for the bike ride for heart. Check out http://www.rideforheart.ca/faf/home/ccp.asp?ievent=222611&lis=1&kntae222611=8F801ADFDDCC4C189DEEB484CA7D9A0A&lis=1&ccp=67909 (also where I got the below pic from).


Anonymous said...

Congratulations! what a grand way to show care of community and contribute to health! Well done . So proud of you!

marriedtoadesi.com said...

WOW! You go girl! I am a very proud big sister. Nice pictures too!
I love your creative way of fund raising, the hearts on the cupcakes look nice.

You are a sweetHEART!!!

Love Akka

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Savithri!
Love you.

Rav said...

Best $20 cupcake ever.


Anonymous said...

I couldn't have done this without you Savihri! You made this experience so enjoyable. I'm totally looking forward to future bike rides. Maybe we'll build enough muscle and will power to do the 75km ride next year.


Jewell said...

Good words.

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