Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Gluten-Free Cupcakes

To celebrate Administrative Assistant Day at work my manager asked me to do some cake decorating because I've taken a few classes. At first I thought I'd bake some cupcakes but then I remembered our admin, Dianne does not eat wheat or gluten. I did a bit of research and found some gluten free cake mixes at Whole Foods! I decided to try out Pamela's Luscious Chocolate Cake mix. My manager also picked up some little cheesecakes and asked me to decorate them in a golf theme because Dianne is an avid golfer. She gave me some practice golf balls (which have holes and are lighter) to decorate with.

I looked on the internet for some ideas and was inspired by this picture. I piped on a circle of green to represent the golf greens. I used my cupcake tree to display my works of art. Each row alternated between golf balls on tees and little flags I made with toothpicks and labels. The very top cupcake had a real white chocolate golf ball nestled in the 'grass' icing. Everyone was quite impressed. The gluten free cupcakes tasted really good. I don't think I noticed a difference.

To decorate the cheesecakes I bought some great golf figurines from Michael's! They looked so cute. I also piped a green border and used chocolate icing for sand pits. I even put a lake on one of them! Since there was not much room on the cake I decided to write the message on the back of some Cote D'or milk chocolate bars I had. I tried to use some golf terminology to make the messages more fun: "You're 'TEE'rific " and "Thanks FORE everything, Dianne!"

My mom was very sweet and stayed up late with me to help me finish everything. Thanks for washing all the dishes for me, Mom!
When baking, pick a theme! It will add more character to your creations! Happy Administrative Assistant Day Dianne!

3 comments: said...

You are so creative Savithri! I think anyone would be thrilled to get such a beautiful celebration organized in such an elegant manner.

Anonymous said...

Your idea of decorating the cheese cake so beautifuly with water, green grass and sand while continuing it with the gluten free freshly baked cupcake was so good! I can't believe you put together such a n impressive delicious treat in such short notice -love your idea of writing on the Kraft chocolate bar! I will be copying this idea for my workplace, hee , hee ! Kraft is lucky to have you with them! I am sure this Diane must be a special person you care for!

Abhi Yogendran said...

My dear, simply marvelous! You're becoming quite the little baker and decorater!! :)

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