Friday, March 23, 2007

Montreal Part Deux

I went to Montreal last weekend to visit Adonia. Her birthday is today (Happy Birthday Adonia!) so I thought I'd go up early and celebrate with her since she is coming home this weekend.

We had a great time even though there was a snow storm on Friday night leaving 20-30 cm snow! She was not very impressed at my footwear selection I brought and had to lend me some boots to wear. Thank god that is not normal winter weather here. The picture to the right is of St. Joseph's Oratory on the mountain. I told Adonia I'd walk up there with her next time I visit (weather permitting).

So Friday night we had a fun pajama party in her room. Then on Saturday we slept in and made breakfast. Since it was her birthday I offered to be her sous chef. The menu was: Spicy Omelet with gouda and tomato topped with asian veggies and a side of toasted sesame seed challa bread. To finish it off we had some probiotic raspberry yogurt with bran to make it healthy. We tried one of the Tazo teas I brought- Wild Sweet Orange which was also very nice! What a way to start the morning. The food looked and tasted amazing.

Then we were off to Simons! Luckily there was no wind chill so it was not too bad walking outside. We just prayed we wouldn't slip down the mountain! I bought some great tops and a trench coat! Adonia is a great personal shopper. She was a good advisor when I tried on my outfits. By the time I finished my shopping it was after 4 and we really wanted to go to this bakery called Duc de Lorraine. We decided to take a shot and try to get there. After 3 Metro line changes it was 4:45, Adonia decided to boot it there to try to make it before they closed. The girl ran like the wind. I tried but my shopping bags weighed me down. lol. We did make it there and it was sooo worth it. The cookies and cakes looked so beautiful. I couldn't wait to try them! The little animal shapes looked adorable too.

They had a cheese section but we were going for fondue in the evening so we didn't bother. We went home and were tired out from our day of running around so we decided to relax with a good movie. We watched Napoleon Dynamite...I love that movie. It so funny. We snacked on the cookies we picked up from the bakery (including the Tuile Nature shown above!). They were so good! You could tell they used butter and other good quality ingredients:)

Then we headed off to Fonduementale. We had gone there last time and loved it! We got a great table at the front of the restaurant and were seated immediately! This was the complete opposite of what happened last time. We knew our evening was off to the right start! I was very boring and got the same fondue I had last time. Adonia was the adventurous one and tried this Dijon kind and it was really good. We also got a plate of veggies for dipping and it was a great idea. I think it helped us not get full to fast because the bread lead us to major carb overload last time. The baguette they serve is very nice though. I also have to mention that they serve this delicious salad at the beginning with this amazing dressing and sesame seeds...I loved it. I wish I knew what was in the dressing. Overall, I think this is one of the most unique restaurants I've been to. The food is really different and tastes so good. I highly recommend it. It is on the very trendy street, St. Denis so you can walk by all the cool shops and cafes for a nice experience.

You can see the front window seat we got in the picture!

We were so full by the time we got home but we had enough room to try a bite from some of the cakes from Duc de Lorraine. Triple Chocolate Mousse cake and Tiramisu cake....pure heaven. The cream they use is soo delectable! Amazing. You should go try it. I went to sleep dreaming of dessert!

The next morning after majorly sleeping in we went to make pancakes! We used the Martha Stewart recipe which was very simple to follow. I had never made pancakes from scratch so I was a little worried about the outcome. I should mention that in high school Adonia and I had a little pancake fiasco where we tried to make pancakes (using a mix) and wanted to add chocolate chips and sprinkles to the batter....ya, we ended with a partially burnt multicoloured mess. lol. Those were good times.

So we needed to redeem ourselves. Now that we are adults we are a little more competent around the kitchen (the only place left to go was up). So, armed with a
recipe from Martha and a positive attitude, we entered the kitchen. We blended our dry ingredients and whisked our wet, combined them (but not overworking it) and crossed our fingers as the first one hit the pan. That Martha sure knows how to write a recipe. It was a winner! We added our own inspiration to the dish (a dash of nutmeg in the batter made the flavour pop!) and a splash of milk because the batter was really thick. We got very nice, soft, fluffy, delicious pancake perfection! We were redeemed (in our own eyes)! We topped it with butter and generous pour of all natural REAL maple syrup. (Which I also retardedly spilled all over myself as well, but that is another story). Simply delicious. That's all.

For dessert (we figured it was a lunch meal because of the time we were eating at) we shared one of the culinary delights from Duc de Lorraine- The Napoleon. It perfectly balanced the pastry with whipped cream, strawberries and custard making each bite bring more happiness than the last. Yum.

Thank you so much for such a wonderful weekend Adonia! Happy Birthday!!


Adonia said...

Thanks girl! Thanks for coming up... best present! said...

That was an amazing description of your trip. Makes me want to come with you for the next visit!!! Adonia, it seems you are quite a hostess. The picture collages are worth a thousand words.

rav said...

Do you have any more photos of the city? I've never been but I hear it's incredible...

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