Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my Mom's birthday! She is the best mom ever:) She is so cute and always thinks of nice things to do and buy for us. I'm sure when Kanchana comes to visit we will make a trip to the temple because that is my Mom's favourite thing to do.
Here is a picture of us from Kanchana's wedding last year.
Happy Birthday Mom! I love you!

Here are the beautiful 2 dozen roses my Dad got for her!

4 comments: said...

You are right. She is the best mom EVER!! I think this is such a great picture of you guys.

Love Akka

rav said...

I'm kind of partial to my own mom, but your mom is pretty cool...

Happy Birthday!

Adonia said...

Happy Birthday!! Many happy returns

amma said...

Dear Savithri: Thank you for bringing the precious moment back with the special picture! I love it on so many levels. I truly feel blessed to have you, Kanchana and Shankar in my life. You have made all these grand memories possible by including family in it all the way! Some of the roses were taken to the office and it welcomed the parents and staff to a day of wonderful conferencing.
Adonia and Rav: Thank you for the wishes and you know you are pretty special to us!
Love you all and God bless!

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