Thursday, March 8, 2007

Dulce de Leche Experiment

Adonia and I had this amazing Dulce de Leche dessert at the Green Bean downtown Oakville. I wanted to know what exactly it was and found a recipe for it on the internet. It seemed simple enough, so last night I got out a can of condensed milk and put it to the test. I was hoping to end up with an amazing caramel.

It took sooo long. I was really worried about it exploding so I checked on it very frequently. By then end of the 3 hours it had become a creamy brown colour. I tasted it right away and it still seemed like condensed milk but with a different consistency. After it had cooled overnight I tried it again and it tasted a lot better! Mom said it was just 'theratipaal'. lol. It does taste like that!

I think I will use it in a cake as a binding agent because of the sticky texture and viscosity (remember that word from Gr. 9 science?). It tasted good on toasted crusty bread. I guess it can be used like jam. I know Smuckers sells some. It looks like a good topping for ice cream too.

I'll let you know how it fares in my cake!


Priya said...

Theratipaal...mmmmm I am going to try this one right away...I don't think I can be as patient as you for 3 hrs. I'll try it in the microwave and see if that makes it any easier.
I have been looking for the Dulce de Leche flavor of Häagen-Dazs for quite a while now and have no clue why the stores don't seem to have it :-(
The cup cakes look really cute, I loved the ones with the flowers and ofcourse the clown is adorable.

Savithri said...

Hi Priya,
Thanks for the encouragement for my decorating efforts:)
If you want to try a shorter version of the recipe I found an alternative on the internet which invloves baking the condensed milk:


1. Preheat oven to 425°F.
2. Pour the sweetened condensed milk into an 8-inch round pie or square cake pan, and cover it with foil.
3. Place the pan in a shallow pan filled with one inch of water. Bake for one hour.
4. Allow to cool; eat with bananas or as a cookie filling. said...


Priya was over the other night, and she said she ate this dessert all the time on her trip to South America!

Daniel said...

Hera you can find different types of dulce de leche, but it doesn't a dessert... is something you have in the fridge and you eat when you wanna something sweet... ussually on the middle of the night! :D
The argentinian way to eat this is bread with butter and dulce de leche!

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