Sunday, March 11, 2007

Dinner with the Old Roomies!

My folks went to visit my aunt and uncle in Ottawa this weekend so I had two of my old roomies from Uni over. The plan was to bake Red Velvet Cake (I had seen a recipe for it in the New York Times) but it didn't quite pan out. We made some other wonderful (ish) dishes though!

Sheena came over in the afternoon. She is one of the first people I met at Laurier. We became fast friends and totally bonded while studying for BU111 and BU121. When we became roomies it was the icing on the cake. Those were some of the best times at school. We had a lot of fun in that house on Hazel.

The first dish we attempted was the gnocchi that looked so beautiful and delactable on Priya and Meeta's blogs. Sadly, ours was not as stunning. It tasted good but became more of a mashed potato thing as time went on. I think we needed more potato and starch or something. I didn't have the exact ingredients listed on the recipe:(

However, we did make a delicious ricotta thyme cheese sauce. We made a roux with butter and flour. Then we added the milk and cheese with some salt, pepper and thyme for seasoning. It was super tasty.

I also wanted to try making pad thai. I know its a weird combo but whatever. I was taking advantage of having the kitchen to myself. So, armed with a random recipe from the internet, Sheena and I got down to it. We chopped some veggies (mushroom, baby carrot, bean sprouts and snow peas!), stir-fried some extra firm tofu (seasoned with salt, pepper and corriander powder), soaked our noodles and tossed together with the sauce. I know, I deviated from the recipe but it's the same result. I think I will be experimenting with the sauce in the future. I think it could use some more kick. Overall, it was quite tasty and pretty easy to make. I recommend this one because it can be easily adapted to suit many different tastes (spicy or mild) and still be delicious and flavourful.

Anjali, who became our roomie in 4th year (and part of cupcake baking infamy), came over a little later and made a delicious mushroom crostini! It was a fablulous appetizer. There were two types of mushrooms finely diced, parmesan cheese (can't go wrong with that) and very nice french bread. The girl knows I love mushrooms! It was very delicious. Two thumbs up!

Thanks for coming over girls! I had a great time. Looking forward to the next one. I vote for it to be at Sheena's new place!

2 comments: said...

Cooking with friends is so much fun! Mushroom crostini looks delish! I want some now.

Anjali said...

I like the mashed potato gnocchi!!! Honestly, gnocchi can be so heavy, but these were much lighter and easier to eat!!! I'd even be willing to say it was my favourite part of the meal :)

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