Friday, March 2, 2007

Cake Decorating Class #3

Class 3 was all about decorating cupcakes. We learned some great techniques for flowers and shells.

My favourite was the adorable and easy clown! The plastic head really brings it to life. We also learned how to do a bear but I didn't have the right colours so I adapted it to a pig.

I tried to make little babies with soothers like the picture in my course book but aparently they didn't turn out as well. Some of my co-workers were confused and thought the baby was the pig :S

I made lemon cupcakes (box mix but adapted to be eggless). It tasted very light and fresh. I thought I'd switch it up because I had just done chocolate this weekend. I think with practice my designs will get better but I guess that is true about everything. Class 4 is postponed to the end of March because of the snow day we had earlier this month. Renu and I are thinking about taking Course 2 since we already kind of have a routine in place.

Here are some more pictures of the cupcakes! If you know of any good designs please do share:)

3 comments: said...


Your clown looks so cool! I love it:) Looking forward to seeing what you learn in the next class!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the eggless cake!


Anonymous said...

Looks so yummy... I volunteer to be a taste tester!

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