Saturday, February 24, 2007

Cake Decorating Class #2

Wednesday was cake decorating class and the project of the week was Rainbow Cake. I thought that after class I would be coming home with a beautifully decorated cake....not so. Who in the world knew that this class would be so stressful! Lol. I was supposed to pick up Renu and go to class but traffic from Don Mills was ridiculous so I was late:(

Basically, the class is to teach you various techniques to use for the different tips. This week was the star tip and the round tip. We learned how to write letters, cursive, stars and perfectly rounded dots. We also learned how to tranfer patterns on to our cakes with piping gel. That is what we did for our rainbows. The only thing is we didn't have time to fill in the rainbows. Renu and I tried to frantically fill ours in but alas, we had no such luck. It was past 9 by the time I got home and I hadn't had dinner so I decided to finsh my cake on Thursday.

I had a lot of coloured icing left from class so I decided to practice some of the techniques I learned on the cake! I think I went a little overboard but it was really fun! I think the clouds looked really cool on the rainbow and added some drama with the height. The lettering was so much better now that I knew how to control the pressure. Plus you need to have the correct consistency of icing to get a certain effect. Stars need medium consistency and writing needs thin.

I tried to take some pictures but they sucked so here are some that my Mom and Dad took which look way nicer. My dad also got my cake for me from Longo's because I didn't have time. Thanks Dad!!

A lot of the techniques are on the Wilton website if you are interested in learning but don't have time to take a class. Its fun and you will really be proud of your end product.

The best part of the story is what happened with the cake. I gave it to my Mom for her to take to her school. She gave it to one of her colleagues who has a very positive attitude, organizes nice things for the staff (wedding and baby shower gifts) and bring the team together. My mom left it in the office for her with a note from her 'Secret Admirer at Floradale!'. Her friend was so thrilled and felt very special. It's nice to know that you are appreciated and people recognize your hard work.

I am so glad my cake brought about so much happiness:)

2 comments: said...

Wow! The cake looks amazing. Wish I could have a piece. That is a cool surprise, who would love to get a yummy cake to share with their friends. Great job on the icing, looks like you've got a lot of techniques going on there. Impressive.


Sindhu said...

Sav! u r the cutest :) I'm totally inspired to go take a class now, but I think I will wait for the snow to clear up. The cake looks so great. I love rainbows and cake, so its a sure winner with me!

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