Saturday, February 10, 2007

Brownie cupcakes

I baked some brownie cupcakes on the weekend. They were topped with vanilla icing and a butterscotch caramel swirl. I used a recipe I found on the internet for eggless brownies. It turned out pretty well. I used milk instead of water and I think it made a difference. Next time I will try it with some espresso. I think it will be a good flavour addition to complement the chocolate. I used the heart shaped silicone trays again too because they are awesome.
I gave them to my friend Hanoz for his 25th birthday. We went to Penelope, a Greek restaurant downtown Toronto for a birthday dinner. It was really fun. I had the mediterranean dips platter. It came with hummous, tzaziki and Melitzana which I hadn't had before. It was eggplant based. It also had olives and feta and warm pita bread. One person got this dish called Saganaki- "Kefalotiri cheese flaming with ouzo-opa." It was a cheese flambe! It looked really cool. I'll have to try it next time.

Noreen and Justin were there too! As Justin would say, it was a 'legit' dinner. Rose and John stopped by as well. Rose and Hanoz share the same birthday! We always used to do a group bday jam for them in Waterloo. Ahh the good old days:)

They brought out a nice birthday cheesecake for H. Sandy tried to feed him...awww. I must say, her hair looked so good. I need to learn how to curl it like that!!
Happy Birthday Hanoz! Hope it was a good one:)

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pavandeep said...

I'm glad your brownies turned out... there's a recipe for chocolate chip cookies on my blog that's really good. i too have a friend named rav :)

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