Thursday, February 1, 2007

Bentley's White Tea

Adonia got me hooked on drinking white tea. It is like green tea but has a much lighter flavour. She got me jasmine flavoured white tea by Bentley, known as "The Champagne of Teas". It is really, really nice stuff. I have it in my cubicle at work and drink it in the mornings. It has even more of the wonderful anti-oxidants and health benefits of green tea! If you are into tea or want to try something new, get some white tea. As our friend Martha (as in Stewart) would say, "It's a good thing."

Here is the description from the tin:

Hand picked pure white tea from ceylon. The Champagne of teas. White Tea, once brewed exclusively for China Royalty dating back to the Quing Dynasty in the 18th century, is now available to the connoisseur of tea packed in a convenient tea bag. This light golden tea comes from the same tea plant, Camellia Sinensis, as both black and green teas. Unlike these other teas, our 100% pure white tea contains a higher portion of buds to leaves and is harvested before the leaves open fully and are still covered by fine white hairs, thus giving it the name White Tea. It is rapidly steamed and air dried, producing a mild fresh flavor and natural sweetness. Because the tea must be carefully hand picked, only small amounts can be produced, making it rare and more expensive to produce than traditional teas. Because it is processed far less than black and green tea, its health benefits are far greater. White Tea contains 3 times as many cancer-fighting agents as other teas. These anti-oxidants, known as polyphenols, are also believed to strengthen the immune system, lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, and even fight fatigue. Known as the gentle tea, White Tea is primarily grown in China and India. A very small quantity is still made in Ceylon. We have procured all of the production of one of the finest tea estates in Ceylon so that can always enjoy our White Tea's mellow and delicate flavor that we call our Champagne of Teas. Pure Ceylon tea - packed in Sri Lanka.
Bentley's Tea are distributed by the Boston Tea Company, founded in 1949. Boston Tea Company was the first to market flavored teas with the introduction of its Boston's Mint-in-Tea, a delightful blend of orange pekoe tea and Kentucky spearmint. In 1960, the company introduced and was granted a trademark for its "Boston Tea Party" blend, which re-created a popular blend that dates back to the colonists in the 1770s. This product is a blend of fine black teas blended with orange peels and cloves--also known as orange spice tea. This product was a favorite of the first lady, Jacqueline Kennedy, who served it frequently to White House guests.

During the 1970s, when specialty teas became increasingly popular, Boston Tea Company broadened their line considerably. Today, they are the industry leader in marketing flavored and gourmet teas in decorative and reusable canisters. Boston Tea Company is based in Hackensack, New Jersey.


Adonia said...

I bet you use a special mug for that special tea.

Andrea said...


I love reading your blog!

If you don't have buttermilk, you can use regular milk but with a bit of vinegar in it! If you need one cup of milk, fill up to almost full (about one-two tbsp less) and fill the remainder with vinegar!

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