Thursday, January 11, 2007

Zara Tapas Bar, India

Last year I went to India for my sister's wedding. My bro-in-law took us to some very cool places in Madras. This was a big deal because all of my other India trips were mostly to see family and going to temples. That is nice to a certain degree but I am glad I got to see part of 'modern' India.

One of my favourite places was Zara. It was a Spanish tapas bar! We had some great food and drinks there. I had a freshly squeezed watermelon
cocktail! It was awesome. We also had a cool appetizer called a "Potato Bomb". We also tried this paneer thing which was yummy. I forget the name though. I was really surprised but glad to see that there are cool, fun places to go in Madras.

We also went to a really nice fancy restaurant at the Chola Sheraton (below). The food was sooo rich and delicious. I think it was all butter and cream based. Good times!!

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