Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Mmmmm Cheeeeeese

For Christmas, my company gave us cheese. To some of you that may sound like a crap gift. To me, it was amazing. For serious.

We got Kraft Premium Aged Chedder- Special Reserve. I don't think you can buy this stuff. And from what I hear at the office it is pretty pricey. Apparently, they make a limited quantity of this stuff and only give it to employees. It looks really nice and is packaged beautifully in red wax. Most importantly, it tastes unbelievably good.

(I am the hand model in above pic- I used to "practice" when I watched ' The Price is Right' at lunch in Gr. 7)

I took it with me to my sister's place and then to Cleveland. It did not last very long. Shankar made really good jalapeno cheddar corn bread and brocolli cheddar soup with it. We also put it out with crackers and scotch bonnet pepper jelly for the dinner party. In the words of my sister's adorable 2 year old niece Sandhya, "is yummie!"

This fine cheese can only be sliced by a fine knife. Pictures above show Shankar using his "Shun" (sp?) knife. It is from William Sonoma, therefore it is fancy.

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Sonia said...

OK. Seriously. I checked the whole page and you keep writing about food. I did not think that someone loved food as much as I do. You're making me hungry.

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