Sunday, January 7, 2007

Magnifique Montreal

I went to visit my friend Adonia in Montreal. She is doing her Masters at McGill university. It is such a beautiful city and because of all the French I felt like I was in a different country!

The food was amazing. The first night I was there we went to a lively restaurant to hang out. We had this Quebecquois dish called Flamm that was so good. It is like a superthin crust pizza. It reminded me of the pizza I had in Italy.

The next night we went to this fantastic fondue restaurant, Fonduementale. I love the name. The cheese fondue was unbelievable. I liked the wild mushroom one and Adonia preferred the sundried tomato. I think we ODed on cheese that night. It was still damn good though. We also had chocolate fondue after. I wish I had pictures of the cheese one.

Here is what we had off the menu:

The Messinoise

Emmenthal, gruyère, oregano, and sundried tomatoes

The Sauvageonne

Wild mushrooms (cepes, morels, chanterelles) blended with the
traditional recipe

You can check it out at . I totally recommend it if you are in Montreal. Make a reservation. They are really busy. The service was kinda annoying because they made us wait a long time even though we made reservations but the food made up for it.

Here are some cool sculptures we saw!

Overall, loved Montreal. Awesome food, shopping(Simons is amazing!) and culture!

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