Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Creme Brulee

My lovely friend Noreen gave me a creme brulee set for my birthday. It included a blowtorch (very cool!) and a set of 4 ramekins. She also gave me a recipe book with beautiful pictures. I hate cookbooks thats don't have pictures. What's the point without the visuals!
Anyway, I took the set with me to my sister's place in Ann Arbor, Michigan over Christmas. We picked the vanilla creme brulee recipe and made it for a dinner party. It turned out awesome! Everyone wanted to use the blowtorch:)

The only thing I would change in the recipe is to use regular sugar (not confectioner's sugar) to burn on top. We scraped the burnt confectioner sugar off and re-did it with regular sugar! The burnt sugar was yummy but it didn't look pretty.

The custard was really simple- Heavy cream, egg yolks, super fine sugar and vanilla. The only catch is that you have to make it in advance because it has to set for at least 3 hours. Overall, I recommend getting a blowtorch. It is really fun to use and you will impress all of your friends:) Plus it tastes amazing!
Very simple ingredients.

Ramekins in the water bath.

You can see how quickly the icing sugar burns and turns black!

Regular sugar is the way to go!

See, it's so yummy you have to savour every bite!

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