Thursday, January 11, 2007

Chocolate Art

Last year, I had given Rav a book on Chocolate for her birthday. She came over and we tried to use some of the techniques from it. Rav is very artistic and has a knack for these things. Look how beautifully her design turned out!

Since we were at my house we tried to make an eggless vanilla cake. We got a recipe off the internet called "Dinette Cake". Let's just say it was more for decoration than eating. The center didn't cook properly so I cut it out and decorated it. I am not as skilled as Rav in the artistic department. It was a fun night and Rav used it as an opportunity to practice the henna designs that she did for Kanchana's reception.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your friend Rav is quite artistic. I bet her talent is surpassed only by her incredible beauty and intelligence. I'd love to see some of her henna designs in your next post.

P.S. The chocolate book you gave me has a really good recipe for chocolate souffle...

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