Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I am a die hard cupcake fan. How can anyone resist these sweet, little, delectable treats!

Here are some good cupcake shops I have been to:

The Hummingbird Bakery in Portobello Road in London, UK. (shown in picture).

They have small little delicious cupcakes with buttercream icing. Not too sweet and very satisfying. It will convert a cupcake hater!

Magnolia Bakery in Manhattan. These need to be eaten fresh for full enjoyment. They are very rich and very sweet. Looking at them may cause cavities. If you don't mind waiting in line it is a fun experience to get some. There is a lovely old-fashioned feel to the shop and the baked goods. Check out the cakes below and the bakers icing them!

The Little Pie Company (a chain) in Manhattan. These were great cupcakes! All the flavour and none of the pretention. Plus they have an icing surprise in the middle!

The Black Forest Pastry Shop in Downtown Oakville, Ontario. They only have chocolate but the decoration is beautiful and they have icing in the middle too!

The Cupcake Shoppe in Toronto. It is a beautiful little shop! They don't sell all of the flavours posted on their website everyday which was disappointing. The cake was nice but the icing left more to be desired. They are nicely decorated and have very fun names. Good ones included "Sleepless in Toronto" which had coffee icing and "Eh?" which had maple frosting.

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